Troubled Blood Locations

Here are the real-life locations featured throughout the pages of the fifth Strike novel, Troubled Blood. Click on each location for more info.
Aldersbrook Road and Wanstead Flats – Where Dennis Creed disposed of one of his victims.
Amersham – Where Dinnesh Gupta lives.
  Angel Station – The station Robin uses near Mucky Ricci’s nursing home.
  The Annexe – Where Roy Phipps lives.
  Bar Italia, Frith Street – Where Strike and Robin have breakfast and talk to Amanda Laws.
Belgique in Wanstead – Where Strike and Robin interview the Bayliss sisters.
  B&Q, Chingford – Where Strike watches Elinor Dean.
  British Library – Where Strike retrieves old newspaper articles.
  Broadmoor – The psychiatric hospital where Dennis Creed was admitted.
Denmark Street – Where Strike and Robin’s office is located.
Circus Street, Greenwich – Where Irene Hickson (nee Bull) lives.
Clerkenwell – Where St. John’s medical practice was situated and where Margot disappeared.
  Crowthorne – Strike goes here to eat after interviewing Creed.
  Essex Road
Falmouth – Where Anna and Kim’s holiday home is located.
The Feathers – Where Strike meets with George Layborn.
Finborough Road – Where Robin lives.
  Fortnum & Mason – Where Strike and Robin interview Oonagh Kennedy.
  Ham – Where Margot and Roy lived.
Hamley’s – A toy shop on Regent Street.
Hampton Court Palace – The clock is on the book’s cover.
Imperial War Museum – Where Strike takes his favourite nephew Jack.
  Kyrle Road – Where Anna and Kim live.
  Leamington Spa – Where Robin goes to meet Paul Satchwell.
  Leister Square Station – Robin gets to Tube here on her birthday.
  National Portrait Gallery
  Nightingale Grove – Where Janice Beattie lives.
  North End Road – Where Robin’s lawyer’s office is located.
Notes Cafe – Where Strike and Robin meet for breakfast.
  Oxford Circus
  Paddington Station – Strike gets off at this station.
  Paradise Park – Where Creed lived in 1974.
  Playboy Club
  The Ritz
  Selfridges – Where Robin goes shopping.
  Shakespeare’s Head – Where Strike meets with Shanker.
  Skegness – Where Strike and Robin go to meet Steve Douthwaite.
  Spencer House – Where the Rokebys celebrate the release of a new album.
  Stafford Hotel
  Star Cafe – Where Robin meets Brian Tucker.
St Mawes, Cornwall – Where Strike’s aunt and uncle live.
  Stoke Newington – Where Elinor Dean lives.
The Three Kings – Where Strike and Robin go for drinks and to discuss the case.
Torquay – A town Robin tails Tufty to.
  Tottenham Court Road
Tower of London – Seen when Robin follows Shifty’s Boss to Tower Bridge.
The Trafalgar Tavern – Where Strike and Robin go for a drink on Strike’s birthday
Truro – A city in Cornwall.
  The Vintry
  Warwick – Where Robin interviews Paul Satchwell in The Roebuck.
  West Whickham – Where Gregory Talbot lives.
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