Imperial War Museum

In Lethal White, when Strike is at the hospital visiting a very sick Jack, he tells Robin ‘You know what I’ll do if he—? I’ll take him to the Imperial War Museum. Day trip.’

A year passes between the events in Lethal White and Troubled Blood, and in that time Strike does take his favourite nephew Jack to the Imperial War Museum.

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The Imperial War Museum comprises of the Churchill War Rooms (Churchill Museum), the Cabinet War Rooms and the government command centre used during World War II. The museum is located on King Charles Street in the Westminster district of London.

Churchill War Rooms (

While in St Mawes, Lucy tells Strike ‘Adam cried when Jack came home from the War Rooms!’ This is when Strike tells her straight that he does not like Adam or Luke, “Adam’s a whiny little prick and Luke’s a complete arsehole.”

Visit the museum’s website here.

You can also find the museum on the map below.

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