Playboy Club, Mayfair

Dr. Margot Bamborough was once a Bunny Girl at the Playboy Club in Mayfair. She worked there with her friend Oonagh while she was attending medical school. Early on, we’re introduced to a photo of Margot and Oonagh as Bunny Girls when Strike googles Margot’s name.

London Playboy Club token:

“The second picture showed the same woman looking younger and wearing the famous black corset of a Playboy Bunny, accessorized with black ears, black stockings and white tail. She was holding a tray of what looked like cigarettes, and smiling at the camera. ” Troubled Blood, Chapter 2

London Bunny Girls:

We learn a lot about Margot’s time at the Playboy Club when Strike and Robin interview Oonagh at Fortnum & Mason. 

“She was such a clever girl, but the family needed help. She got herself into medical school, told the university she’d have to defer for a year, then headed straight for the Playboy Club. We took to each other straight away, in the audition, because she was so funny.” Troubled Blood, Chapter 24

The original Playboy Club in Mayfair was located at 45 Park Lane and opened in July 1966. The Playboy Club relocated, and 45 Park Lane is now a hotel.

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The Playboy Club was eventually relocated here: 

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