Lethal White Locations

    Here are many of the real-life locations featured in the pages of Lethal White, the fourth book in the Cormoran Strike series. Click on each location for more info.
Albury Street – Where Robin and Matthew live.
Bow Quarter/Bow Road Station – Where Strike tails Jimmy Knight.
Bromley – Where Strike’s half-sister Lucy lives.
Burton Road – The street in Manchester that Strike visits during the Chiswell case.

Camden – The area of London where Strike’s girlfriend lives and where Robin goes undercover.

Cellarium – Where Geraint Winn goes to eat (with Strike tailing him).
Charlemont Road – Where Jimmy and Billy Knight live.
Chelsea Physic Garden – Strike follows Dodgey Doc through here.
Cheyne Walk Brasserie – Where Strike and Robin meet with Billy Knight and Izzy Chiswell.
Christie’s – The fine art auction house where Sarah Shadlock works.
The Corner Café – Where Strike and Robin meet Oliver Bargate.
Denmark Street – Where Strike and Robin’s office is located.
Department for Culture, Media and Sport – Where Jasper Chiswell works.
Deptford – The area of London in which Robin and Matthew now live.
The Duke of Wellington – Robin goes here undercover before following Flick to her flat.
Ebury Street – Where Jasper Chiswell’s London house is located.
Foreign Office – Former workplace of Aamir Mallik.
  Franco’s – The restaurant Strike escorts Charlotte to.
Harley Street – Where Strike and Robin conduct surveillance. 
King’s Cross – Where Geraint Winn goes for a blow job.
Lancaster House – Strike and Robin find themselves here during the Chiswell case.
Little Venice – Where events take place toward the end of the book.
Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons – Where Robin and Matthew spend their anniversary.
  Maldives – Where Robin and Matthew have their honeymoon.
Mile End Park – Where Strike tails Jimmy Knight.
Nam Long Le Shaker – Where Robin interviews Raff.
Newbury Racecourse – Where Strike and Robin interview Tegan.
New Scotland Yard – The Metropolitan Police’s headquarters.
North Circular Road/Henlys Corner – The road Strike takes to see Billy at the psychiatric hospital.
Old Swan House – Robin walks past this building.
Palace of Westminster – Where Robin goes undercover.
Portcullis House – Where Robin goes whilst undercover.
Pratt’s Club – Where Strike meets Jasper Chiswell.
The Red Lion – Where Strike and Robin meet to talk.
Southwark Park Road/Alma Grove – Home of Della and Geraint Winn.
St James’s Palace/St James’s Street – A location near Lancaster House.
St Nicholas’ Church – A church in Deptford.
Swinton Park, Masham – Where Robin and Matthew have their wedding reception.
The Tottenham – Cormoran Strike’s favourite pub. He meets up with Sam Barclay here.
Trafalgar SquareWhere Strike goes looking for Billy.
Travelodge, Monument – Where Strike stays following the Shacklewell Ripper case.
The Two Chairmen – Where Strike and Robin meet up.
Uffington White Horse – The white chalk horse on the hill above Woolstone.
Upper Cheyne Row – Where Izzy Chiswell’s flat is located.
Warren Street Station – Strike catches the Tube here on his way to meet Robin.
Well Community Centre – Where Strike attends a CORE meeting while searching for Billy Knight.
Wembley – The area where Vanessa Ekwensi lives.
The White Horse, East Ham – The pub where Strike follows Jimmy Knight after the CORE meeting.
The White Swan – A pub in Deptford.
Woolstone – Where the Chiswell House and Steda Cottage are located.
  Mentioned Locations – More locations that are mentioned throughout the book.

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