“…Matthew had asked her, a wodge of toilet toll pressed to his nostrils, to come with him to the Maldives, not as a honeymoon, not anymore, but to sort things out in private, ‘away,’ as he put it thickly, gesturing towards the source of the yelling, ‘from this. And there will be press.’” (Lethal White, Chapter 3)

“And at that moment, the wretched Robin, arm throbbing, shaken to the core by the feelings that had risen inside when she had felts Strike’s arms around her, knowing that the press might even now be trying to track her down, had seen Matthew, if not as an ally, at least as an escape.” (Lethal White, Chapter 3)

A nation of islands in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is a beautiful spot for a honeymoon or any kind of getaway. There’s a lot of great history and tourist information at

We don’t know exactly where Robin and Matthew went away for their “honeymoon” but there’s an endless supply of wonderful photos online of the Maldives.  It really is quite a shame Robin had such a horrible time in a place so beautiful.


“She knew only that she had thought about Strike.” (Lethal White, Chapter 3)

“…the man for whom she had spent nights of her honeymoon wearing a groove in the white sand as she paced alone, wondering whether she was in love with him.” (Lethal White, Chapter 61)

With Matthew monitoring her phone, Robin hatches a plan to call Strike.

“There was a landline at the bar and she knew the office number off by heart. It would be diverted to Strike’s mobile automatically. What she was going to say when she reached him, she didn’t know, but she was sure that if she heard him speak, the truth about her feelings would be revealed to her.” (Lethal White, Chapter 3)

Robin had finally come to a decision about her marriage, but then she finds a very ill Matthew suffering from an infection he got from a coral scratch, which changes her plans.

“’Blame sea-borne bacteria.’” (Lethal White, Chapter 7)


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