“Would you mind walking me up the road? It’s only a block.” (Lethal White, Chapter 50)

Strike is at Drummond’s Gallery interviewing Henry Drummond when, for the second time, he runs into Charlotte. Heavily pregnant and appearing unwell, Charlotte asks Strike to escort her to Franco’s where she is supposed to be meeting her sister, Amelia, for dinner. Suspecting that Charlotte arraigned this, he reluctantly agrees and they walk together toward the restaurant on Jermyn Street.

“The moment she said the name, he recognized it as the very same one in which they had met Charlotte’s father all those years previously.” (Lethal White, Chapter 50)

Below is a beautiful shot looking in on Jermyn Street.

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“Barely a minute later, Strike was sitting in Amelia’s seat at the table for two beside the window, and the waiter was bringing a bottle of water, and Charlotte was still taking deep breaths, and the maître d’ was putting bread down between them, saying uncertainly that Charlotte might feel better if she ate something, but also suggesting quietly to Strike that he could call an ambulance at any moment, if that seemed desirable.” (Lethal White, Chapter 50)

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“All around them sat well-heeled diners, enjoying wine and pasta amid tasteful wood, leather and glass, with black and white prints on geometric white and red wallpaper.” (Lethal White, Chapter 50)

You can find more information about Franco’s at their website here. You’re sure to have a more enjoyable time there than Strike did!

Find Franco’s on the map below.

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