The Ink Black Heart Locations

Here are many of the real-life locations featured throughout the pages of The Ink Black Heart, the sixth novel in the Strike series. Click on each location for more info.

  The Angel – Strike tries this pub but it doesn’t allow mobile phones (Ch 68)
Annabel’s – The club where Strike and Midge conduct surveillance on Legs on New Year’s Eve (Ch 3)
The Arts Club – Where Strike and Robin meet Allan Yeoman, Richard Edgar, Grant Ledwell and Heather Ledwell (Ch 18) 
Battledean Road Where Grant and Heather Ledwell live (Ch 103 and 104)
Blackhorse Road and Bonner’s Fish Bar – Where Robin’s new flat is located, and the chippy where Strike and Robin get fish and chips from.
Bob Bob Ricard – Where Robin and Ilsa meet for dinner and champagne (Ch 28)
The Botanist, Sloane Square – A restaurant frequented by Fingers (Ch 24 and 54)
British MuseumStrike tails Groomer here (Ch 25)
CambridgeWhere Strike and Robin go to look for Dr Vikas (Ch 84)
The Cambridge (pub) – Where Strike goes for a drink and to go on Drek’s Game (Ch 68)
Denmark Street – Where Strike and Robin’s office is located.
Eccleston Square, Pimlico – Where Madeline lives.
ExCeL and Custom House Station – Where the Comic Con is held (Ch 54 to 56)
Fischer’s – The restaurant where Robin watches Gus Upcott (Ch 50)
The FlaskWhere Strike interviews Phillip Ormond (Ch 35 to 37)
The GatehouseWhere Robin and Pez go for a drink (Ch 67)
Gerrard’s CornerWhere Strike and Robin meet for a catch-up (Ch 38)
Goodge Street Station – Strike follows Montgomery into this station (Ch 21)
The Gun, Docklands – Where Strike meets Grant Ledwell for an ‘update’ (Ch 64)
Hampstead Heath and Millfield Lane – Where Edie’s phone is turned off after her murder and where Josh Blay has his flat
Highgate Cemetery – Where Edie Ledwell is murdered and where The Ink Black Heart cartoon and Drek’s Game are set.
Junction Road and Brookside Lane – Where Strike follows a girl from the Red Lion and Sun (Ch 22, 40, 68 and 100)
Kazan Where Strike and Madeline go for dinner (Ch 50)
King’s Lynn – Where Kea Niven lives with her mother.
Knaresborough – Where Zoe Haigh is from.
  Lisburne Road – Where the Upcott family live.
Lismore Circus – Where Wally Cardew lives.
Marine Hotel – Where Strike and Robin stay overnight in Whitstable (Ch 79 to 82)
  Meanwood Park, Leeds – Where Robin meets one of the Drek’s Game moderators (Ch 82)
New Scotland Yard – HQ for the Met police, where Strike and Robin talk to DCI Murphy and Angela Darwish (Ch 89)
Nightjar – The restaurant where Strike and Madeleine have their sixth date (Ch 8)
North Grove – Where the fictitious Art Collective is located.
Opium, Chinatown – Where Strike meets with Dev (Ch 27)
Qube – Where Robin interviews Tim Ashcroft (Ch 45)
The Red Lion and Sun – Where Strike and Barclay conduct surveillance on Wally, Tim, Seb, Nils and Bram (Ch 21)
Richoux – A tearoom where Strike reads The Times newspaper (Ch 15)
The Ritz – Where Strike and Robin celebrate her 30th birthday (Ch 1)
 Royal Spinal Cord Injury CentreWhere Josh Blay is admitted to (Ch 62).
Saucy Sausage on Lower Addiscombe Rd, Croydon – Where Robin sits to watch Yasmin Weatherhead’s house (Ch 41)
Ship and Shovell – Where Strike watches Cardew and a mysterious tattooed man (Ch 42)
South Audley Street – Where the agency’s billionaire client’s house is located.
Starbucks and Boots, Charing Cross Road – Robin meets Strike and Pat in this Starbucks (Ch 71)
St Stephen’s Tavern – Strike and Robin eat veggie burgers after they’ve visited New Scotland Yard (Ch 90)
The Tottenham – Strike and Robin’s favourite pub near the office (Ch 19 and 71)
Victoria Station – Station near Madeline Courson-Miles’ house (Ch 93)
Whitehall Gardens – Where Strike watches Cardew film a YouTube video (Ch 41 and 42)
Whitstable – Strike and Robin follow the Upcotts here (Ch 76 to 80)
William Morris Gallery – Where Robin tails Groomer and Legs (Ch 16)
Z Hotel– Where Robin and Strike stay and where they hold an agency meeting.
Mentioned Locations – Other locations that are mentioned or barely seen.