Blackhorse Road

Robin moves to her own flat in The Ink Black Heart. After some searching, she finds a place on Blackhorse Road. 

“The one-bedroomed flat in Walthamstow that Robin viewed on Sunday afternoon was the first she’d seen in which she could imagine herself happily living.” The Ink Black Heart, chapter 14

“It was situated on the second floor of a recently developed block: clean and light, it had space for a sofa-bed in the living area should a friend wish to stay over, and was close to Blackhorse Road Tube station.” The Ink Black Heart, chapter 14

Robin times the walk to Blackhorse Road Tube station. 

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Strike comes to visit twice during The Ink Black Heart! His first visit is a surprise when he shows up to help her move, bringing with him a philodendron plant with heart-shaped leaves. The Ink Black Heart, chapter 60

Sasha Kim

Robin only notices Strike when she turns into the parking area right next to her flat.

“The sight was so incongruous, yet so welcome, that Robin gave a little gasp of laughter, which turned immediately into a sob.” The Ink Black Heart, chapter 60

Strike suggests getting food and says, “You can’t call a place home until you know where the nearest chippie is.” So Robin walks to Bonners Fish Bar, ordering them each cod and chips. The Ink Black Heart, chapter 60

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On Strike’s second visit, he notices that Robin has hung up two pieces of art. 

“There were framed photographs on the mantelpiece that hadn’t been there on moving day, and a Raoul Dufy print hanging above them, showing a seascape viewed through two open windows.” 

“Apparently she had a fondness for Fauvist art, given that there was a second print hanging over the dining room table: Matisse’s Still Life with Geraniums” The Ink Black Heart, chapter 75 

Find Blackhorse Road on the map below: 

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