ExCel and Custom House Station

ExCel is an abbreviation for Exhibition Centre London. It is featured in The Ink Black Heart when Strike, dressed as Darth Vader, and Robin go to the 2015 Comic Con.

Strike’s mission is to keep a watch on all the people dressed as the cartoon character Drek, since they know Anomie said he was going as that character from the cartoon.

Meanwhile, Robin, under her pseudonym of Venetia, interviews Yasmin Weatherhead at the Costa.

Robin and Yasmin manage to secure a table for two for the interview. Yasmin talks with an upspeak? Robin wonders whether it is habitual or a product of nerves?

After the interview, Robin meets up with Strike. She gets changed and takes off her wig in the ladies’.

You can see the toilets to the right

Strike decides they should follow a man he calls “Red Soles.” They follow Red Soles to the Custom House station, where a figure in a Batman mask pushes Red Soles onto the tracks.

Not for the first time, Robin performs something heroic by jumping onto the tracks to save Red Soles from the oncoming train.

Find ExCel on the map below:

Visit the ExCel website at www.excel.london