Gerrard’s Corner

Robin and Strike agree to meet to have a catch-up on the Anomie case; however, Strike is delayed while on surveillance, watching Groomer have a very long lunch at the Charlotte Street Hotel. It’s past five o’clock by the time he’s free to meet with Robin and, unsurprisingly, Strike is hungry. He suggests Chinatown, and Robin finds a restaurant called Gerrard’s Corner, where she waits for Strike at a table on the ground floor.

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Gerrard’s Corner is a traditional Cantonese restaurant that has for many years been located on the corner of Gerrard Street and Wardour Street. It serves a wide variety of dishes, including dim sum, for which it gets very good reviews.

Robin is playing Drek’s Game when Strike arrives, as Anomie is online. She tells Strike she’d like something she can eat with one hand and a fork, so Strike orders them both Singapore noodles and beer.

You can have a look at their menu here on their website:

You can find Gerrard’s Corner on the map below:

Address: 30 Wardour St, London W1D 6QW