Ebury Street

The house Jasper Chiswell owns on Ebury Street (in Belgravia, City of Westminster) is described as dingy with a shabby interior and a door that requires extra finagling to close properly.  Chiswell likely stayed here more often than Chiswell House due to its proximity to his job. According to his daughter, Fizzy, “Ebury Street was the place Papa used for work.” (Lethal White, Chapter 42)

Although he’s not invited inside, Strike first visits Ebury Street to obtain listening devices from the minister. Later, Strike and Robin go to Ebury Street when an angry Chiswell demands a meeting with them.

“Strike turned his footsteps back along the street of quiet golden townhouses…” (Lethal White, Chapter 11) 

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We know from notes found on Chiswell’s letterhead that the address to his Ebury Home is: 251 Ebury Street, London SW1W. While there does appear to be a 251 Ebury Street, the actual location is not amongst the townhouses described and appears to be an unmarked shop.

“Arriving outside Chiswell’s house precisely on time, she lingered for a few hopeful seconds beside the glossy black front door, just in case Strike were to appear at the last moment. He didn’t. Robin therefore steadied herself, walked up the three clean white steps from the pavement and knocked on the front door, which was on the latch and opened a few inches.” (Lethal White, Chapter 34) 

Here’s an example of a home on Ebury Street that closely matches the description in the book, with its black door and three white steps:

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Strike tells Robin to meet him at the café near Chiswell’s Ebury Street home before their meeting with the minister. It’s not named in the book, but TomTom Coffee House is located on the corner of Ebury Street and matches the description of the café where Robin waits. “She could have chosen one of the circular tables outside on the pavement, but instead she huddled down in a corner of the café where she was to meet Strike.…” (Lethal White, Chapter 34) 

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