Old Swan House

“The downpour continued as Strike and Robin walked away from the brasserie together, along the Chelsea Embankment towards Albert Bridge.” (Lethal White, Epilogue)

In the Epilogue of Lethal White, Robin and Strike walk together after leaving their lunch meeting with Billy Knight and Izzy Chiswell.

Below is a photo from Google Maps of Albert Bridge taken from the Chelsea Embankment. This is where Strike and Robin would have been walking, in the rain, discussing their upcoming cases and their plans to meet later at Nick and Ilsa’s.

Google Maps

Originally built in 1873, the Albert Bridge has undergone a few modifications to give its appearance today of a mix of design styles, including cable-stayed, suspension and beam. You can find out more information about Albert Bridge here.


“They parted with a wave, concealing from each other the slight smile that each wore once safely walking away, pleased to know that they would meet again in a few short hours, over curry and beer at Nick and Ilsa’s.” (Lethal White, Epilogue) 

After parting from Strike, Robin continues walking and passes the Old Swan House. 

Built in the 1870s, the Old Swan House gets its name from an inn that previously occupied the location, called The Swan. One of many red brick houses in the area, The British Architect refers to the Swan House and its neighbours as “some of the finest specimens of modern domestic architecture in London.” According to the Swan House’s Wikipedia entry (which can be found here), the house sold for £32 million in 2007 and has a ballroom, cinema and basement pool.

Google Maps  

“Head bowed against the rain, she had no attention left to spare for the magnificent mansion past which she was walking, its rain-specked windows facing the great river, its front doors engraved with twin swans.” (Lethal White, Epilogue) 


Below is the walk Strike and Robin would have taken from No. Fifty Cheyne and where Robin continues on past the Old Swan House, closing out the final page of Lethal White.

Google Maps

If you’d like to take a walk by the Old Swan House yourself, find it here on the map below.

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