Albury Street

At Robin’s insistence, she and Matthew move to Albury Street in Deptford at the beginning of Lethal White. (Their former home holds too many disturbing memories for her from the previous case in Career of Evil.) They rent a “smart little three-bedroom house.” Although Matthew is reluctant to rent, “His pride was piqued by the interesting, romantic history of the street, which had been built for shipwrights and sea captains back when Deptford had been a shipbuilding center. Matthew might not yet have arrived in the postcode of his dreams, but a short cobbled street full of pretty old houses was, as he had wanted, a ‘step up,’ even if he and Robin were only renting the neat brick box with its sash windows and the moldings of cherubs over the front door.”

In Chapter 7, Robin and Matthew have a housewarming party attended by their friends and colleagues, including Strike and his girlfriend, Lorelei; Sarah Shadlock and Tom Turvey; and Vanessa Ekwensi.  The small courtyard garden is described as being “covered in ivy” with “well-maintained shrubs in terra cotta tubs” and “French windows.”

Google Maps

We don’t know which number is theirs, but here’s an image that shows the moldings of cherubs on the front doors and sash windows.

During the party, Matthew mentions that “Lord Nelson and Lady Hamilton are supposed to have stayed in number 19, but it was called Union Street then.…” (Lethal White, Chapter 7). Here’s an image from Google Street View of number 19:

Google Maps

Robin later has to avoid journalists and private detective Mitch Patterson as they begin to watch her house during the height of the Chiswell case. At one point, she climbs over the wall into a neighboring back garden and then over another wall to get to the car park on the other side. She then “walked off briskly along the street that ran parallel with Albury Street, until she turned right into Deptford High Street.” (Lethal White, Chapter 40)

Lamerton Street

From this satellite Google image, it looks like Lamerton Street is how she made her escape onto Deptford High Street. Toward the righthand side appears to be the car park. From this image, we’re also able to see the White Swan pub in the top left corner.

Google Maps

Find Albury Street on the map below:

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