Tom Turvey

We briefly meet Tom Turvey in Career of Evil when we learn that he is dating Matthew’s old university friend, Sarah Shadlock. Robin finds him “boring and obtuse.” 1

In Lethal White, it is revealed that Tom and Sarah have recently become engaged and that Tom has helped get Matthew a new better-paying job at his firm.2 Matthew and Sarah often team up and tease Tom about his baldness, a fact that Matthew knows Tom is self-conscious of.3 In most of the instances that we meet Tom, he appears drunk, including at Robin and Matthew’s wedding reception4, their housewarming party5, and on a night out with Robin and Matthew where Tom appears to have finally lost his patience with Matthew’s teasing.6 

In Troubled Blood, just before Christmas, Robin receives a very angry phone call from Tom Turvey after he has finally learned of Matthew and Sarah’s affair.

“‘Thanks,’ said Tom. ‘Thanks a fucking bunch, Robin!’” 7

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