Lorelei Bevan

In what has been his longest relationship since leaving Charlotte, Strike has been dating Lorelei Bevan for ten months. The couple met at a birthday party for their mutual friend, Eric Wardle. It was a somewhat awkward meeting due to the fact that also in attendance was Coco, a friend of Lorelei’s and Strike’s previous one-night stand. Strike likes Lorelei but makes it clear from the beginning of their relationship that he doesn’t want anything “serious or permanent.” Lorelei agrees with the terms of the relationship in the beginning, but Strike suspects she might have started to feel differently. 

Lorelei is 33 and co-owns a successful vintage clothes shop on Chalk Farm Road in Camden. Her flat above the shop is “eclectically furnished” with door beads, pink bedroom walls and pink curtains with cowgirls and ponies on them. Her personal style is described as a “1940’s pin up” who always wears “jewel-bright colours.”  She is tall with “glossy brunette hair that she wore over one eye like Veronica Lake.”

Strike avoids talking about Lorelei with Robin, but Lorelei attends Robin and Matthew’s housewarming party with Strike. Despite wanting to dislike her, Robin finds Lorelei likeable. 

Strike usually avoids spending all of his free time with Lorelei and has a personal rule to never spend more than one night in a row with her; however, after an injury to his leg, Strike reluctantly calls Lorelei for help and subsequently spends five days in her care.