“Vanessa’s one-bedroom flat occupied the ground floor of a detached house a short distance from Wembley Stadium.” (Lethal White, Chapter 57)

We don’t know much about where Robin’s friend Detective Sergeant Vanessa Ekwensi lives other than it’s near Wembley Stadium and contains a hard sofa, which Robin finds herself sleeping on toward the end of Lethal White.

Below is an overhead shot of Wembley Stadium where Vanessa’s flat is somewhere nearby.

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Robin and Strike plan to meet on the morning of Saturday, 18 August 2012, to head out to Newbury Racecourse to interview Tegan Butcher. Without explaining why, Robin asks Strike to meet her at Wembley Stadium Station instead of their normal meet-up spot.

“This, too, was inconvenient: a journey for Strike of twice the length and involving a change of Tube.” (Lethal White, Chapter 60)

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“Fellow Tube travelers gave Strike a slightly wider berth than was necessary on Saturday morning, even allowing for his kit bag. He generally managed to cut a path easily through crowds, given his bulk and his boxer’s profile, but the way he was muttering and cursing as he struggled up the stairs at Wembley Stadium station — the lifts weren’t working — made passersby extra careful to neither jostle nor impede him.” (Lethal White, Chapter 61)

He might start the day off in bad spirits, but his mood improves considerably as the day goes on.

“His dark mood had lightened so abruptly that it was akin to having moved from sober to three pints down.” (Lethal White, Chapter 61)

Find Wembley on the map below.

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