In the beginning of Lethal White, we learn that Robin and Matthew have moved to Albury Street in Deptford. While it’s not the “postcode of his dreams” (add eye roll here), Matthew is intrigued by the history of the area. From the late 16th century to the 19th, Deptford was a shipbuilding center where Peter the Great came to study shipbuilding. According to the Deptford Wikipedia page, “Deptford and the docks are associated with the knighting of Sir Francis Drake by Queen Elizabeth I aboard the Golden Hind, the legend of Sir Walter Raleigh laying down his cape for Elizabeth, Captain James Cook’s third voyage aboard Resolution, and the mysterious murder of Christopher Marlowe in a house along Deptford Strand.” 

Too bad Strike wasn’t around when Marlowe was murdered; he could have solved the case! If you’d like to find out more about the history of Deptford and read where we got our information, click here.

In Chapter 3, Robin explores the area of her new home. She takes a call from Strike while sitting on a bench at St. Nicholas’ Church and later walks home, passing the White Swan pub before reaching Albury Street. Be sure to click on each location for details and photos!

Albury Street
St Nicholas’ Church
The White Swan

You can see the route Robin took on the map below.

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If you’d like to visit Deptford and explore the area like Robin, find it on the map below.

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