King’s Cross Station

Kings Cross

King’s Cross is a train station in Central London that acts as one of the main stations for transport to the north. In The Silkworm book and TV series, after interviewing Daniel Chard in his home in Devon, Strike and Robin arrive on Euston Road outside King’s Cross in the rental car just in time for Robin to run inside to catch the train to North Yorkshire. She’s heading out so she can be at Matthew’s mother’s funeral the following day in Masham. Cormoran is left outside the station in the car, unable to drive it. Strike ends up having to pay a heavy fine for the abandoned rental car.

In Lethal White, Strike tails Geraint Winn to Cellarium Cafe before Winn heads to a stairwell at King’s Cross for a blow job.

King’s Cross Station is also featured heavily in the Harry Potter books, as the station where students catch the Hogwarts Express from Platform 9¾. The station has become a tourist attraction and has a shop selling Harry Potter merchandise. There’s also a Platform 9¾ wall where you can have your photo taken. 

Kings Cross Platform

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