Camden is a borough of northwest London mentioned throughout Lethal White. Lorelei Bevan’s flat is in this artsy area, above her vintage clothes store. Camden Market is also where Jimmy Knight’s girlfriend Flick works, in the jewelery shop owned by a “mad Wiccan woman.”

Later in the novel, Robin Ellacott goes undercover in the jewelry shop to obtain any information she can on Jimmy Knight from Flick.

Camden Town Station

On her first day of the undercover job, Robin arrives at Camden Town Station (above) and proceeds to the market.

She finds the jewelry shop “tucked away in Camden Market” on Camden Lock Place.

Interestingly, part of Camden Market includes the historical Stables Market — hence, why there are so many horses.

Camden Town was once the home of author Charles Dickens, who lived on Bayham Street and later moved to Little College Street.

Outside the market is also a bronze statue of singer Amy Winehouse, who once lived on Prowse Place and later Camden Square.

Here is a map to Camden Market:

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