Cornwall Services, Subway

“’Would you mind,’ said Strike, ‘if we stop for food? I didn’t have breakfast.’” Troubled Blood, Chapter 7

On the way home from interviewing Anna Phipps and Kim Sullivan, Strike and Robin stop at Cornwall Services to have lunch.

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“By the time they reach Subway at Cornwall Services, the atmosphere between the two of them had become almost lighthearted, notwithstanding their tiredness.” Troubled Blood, Chapter 7

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“Once Robin, mindful of her resolution to eat more healthily, had started on her salad and Strike had taken a few satisfying mouthfuls of his steak and cheese sandwich, he emailed Kim Sullivan their form letter about billing clients.…” Troubled Blood, Chapter 7

While eating, Strike tells Robin about the argument he had with Lucy earlier that morning.

“’It ended with me telling her I thought Adam’s a whiny prick and Luke’s an arsehole.’”

“Robin, who’d been sipping her water, inhaled, and was seized by a paroxysm of coughs. Diners at nearby tables glanced round as Robin spluttered and gasped.” Troubled Blood, Chapter 7

Find Cornwall Services on the map below or visit their website here.


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