American Bar, Stafford Hotel

Strike and Robin have an interview on the 24th of May with Carl Oakden, the son of Dorothy Oakden, who was a former employee of Margot Bamborough. Oakden suggests they meet at the American Bar at the Stafford Hotel.

Stafford Hotel:

“By the time she exited at Green Park station, she’d lost the chance of arriving at the American Bar early, which she’d hoped to do, so that she and Strike could have a few words together before Oakden arrived.” Troubled Blood, Chapter 57

If Green Park station seems familiar, Strike uses that station when he goes to Pratt’s in Lethal White

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“Worse still, when she hurried down St. James’s Street, she saw, with a sense of déjà vu, a large crowd blocking the bottom of the road, being marshaled by police.” Troubled Blood, Chapter 57

If you’re having déjà vu like Robin, it’s because St. James’s Street was also filled with a large crowd in Lethal White on the night of the Paralympian reception at Lancaster House.

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Robin realizes that the crowds are because Strike’s father, Jonny Rokeby, is having an event at the nearby Spencer House.

Spencer House: 

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“She knew there was another entrance to the Stafford via Green Park.” Troubled Blood, Chapter 57

Green Park:

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Walkway in Green Park that would have led Robin to the Stafford:

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Robin was allowed “… to proceed through the gate into a courtyard, where well-dressed drinkers were smoking beneath exterior heaters. After checking her mobile and seeing that Strike hadn’t answered her text, she hurried up the steps into the American Bar.” Troubled Blood, Chapter 57

“It was a comfortable, elegant space of dark wood and leather, with pennants and baseball caps from many American states and universities hanging from the ceiling.” Troubled Blood, Chapter 57

“’Nice bar,’ she said pleasantly, sitting down opposite him. ‘I’ve never been here before.’

“’Normally takes you cheaper places, does he?’ asked Oakden.’” Troubled Blood Chapter 57

Here’s an overhead map of the area where you can see Green Park station, Green Park, The Stafford and Spencer House.

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Check out the American Bar at the Stafford’s website here or find them on the map below.

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