Royal Pump Room/Museum and Art Gallery, Leamington Spa

Robin’s main reason for visiting Leamington Spa is to attend the art exhibit where Paul Satchwell’s art will be on display from March 3rd– 7th, 2014, at The Leamington Spa Museum and Art Gallery/Royal Pump Room.

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On her walk to the exhibition, she passes the Jephson Garden and “a fountain of pinkish stone that might have been the model for one of Crowley’s tarot cards. Four scallop-patterned basins sat at the top.” Troubled Blood, Chapter 46

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“Robin entered, to find little trace of the Regency’s pump rooms left inside: the floor was covered in modern gray tiles, the ceiling supported by metal columns. A café took up one wing of the open-plan space, a shop another. The gallery, Robin saw, lay across opposite, through more glass doors. It comprised one long room, brick walled and wooden-floored, which had been temporarily given over to an exhibition of local artists.” Troubled Blood, Chapter 46

There is a recent video made by the Royal Pump Rooms that has some great shots of the interior. You can view that video here.

Robin asks about Paul Satchwell and learns that he’s in town for the exhibit. She waits for a while in the café, looking out onto the gardens.

Eventually, she continues to explore and finds another room “which presented a total contrast to the clean, modern space behind her. It was octagonal and made of brick, with a very high ceiling and windows of Bristol blue glass.” Troubled Blood, Chapter 46

“At the highest point of the vaulted ceiling was a cupola decorated with an eight-pointed star in glass, with a lantern hanging from it.” Troubled Blood, Chapter 46

It’s here that Robin meets Paul Satchwell, and they leave together for an interview over lunch.

You can find more information about the Royal Pump Rooms on their website here and find them on the map below.