Tower of London

“The domed turrets of the Tower of London rose behind the wall of dirty yellow brick, but Robin had no attention to spare for ancient landmarks.” Troubled Blood, Chapter 51

Tower of London

Strike calls Robin as she is hurrying along Tower Bridge Road “looking around in vain for a Tube sign”.

White Tower, Tower of London

Robin had just left Shifty’s Boss with Sam Barclay on Tower Bridge, “‘Cormoran, SB looked as though he was thinking of jumping.'”

“Robin had spent forty anxious minutes watching SB stare down at the cement-coloured river below”.

Tower Bridge

Robin ends the call with Strike when she reaches an Underground station in her hurry to get to her 1 o’clock appointment with Brian Tucker at the Star Cafe.

The Tower of London has a very colourful history spanning many centuries and is a popular London tourist attraction. We highly recommend a visit if you find yourself in London. The White Tower holds Henry VIII’s armour and you can also view the Crown Jewels in the Jewel House. You can also see the location of the scaffold, where many throughout history, including Henry VIII’s second wife Anne Boleyn, were beheaded.

And of course, the Tower Bridge is one of the most iconic landmarks of London and is often mistaken as being London Bridge.

You can find the Tower of London and Tower Bridge on the map below.

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