Albemarle Way/St. John Street, Clerkenwell

Albemarle Way

“A matter of minutes later, he realized he was driving through Clerkenwell. Spotting an open café, on St. John Street he parked, then headed through the rain into warmth and light, where he ordered himself an egg and tomato sandwich.” Troubled Blood, Chapter 37

St John Street

Strike was going to look around Clerkenwell for the mysterious “Applethorpe” when, sitting in the window of a cafe, he spots a man (Samhain Athorn) fitting the description of his son, walking along St. John Street, carrying shopping bags from Tesco. Strike follows him to Albemarle Way.

Samhain would have walked this short journey from the Tesco to his home.

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Although the name of the café isn’t specified, Par Café appears to be a likely candidate for the one where Strike is, since it’s the only café between Tesco and Albemarle Way along St. John Street.

Strike quickly pays at the counter then hurries to follow the man.

“A short distance down St. John Street, Strike’s target turned right past a small ironmonger’s on the corner, and headed into Albemarle Way, the short street with an old red telephone box at the other end, and tall, unbroken buildings on either side.” Troubled Blood, Chapter 38

Here is a shot of the telephone booth on the other side:

“Just past the ironmonger’s the man set down both of his shopping bags on the wet pavement and took out a door key. Strike kept walking because there was nowhere to hide, but made a note of the door number as he passed.” Troubled Blood, Chapter 38

In the photo below you can see inside the door directly after the corner shop and we know that, later on in the chapter, Strike enters the shop to have a chat with the man behind the counter.

“Reaching a decision, Strike turned left, and entered the ironmonger’s which lay directly below the Athorn’s flat.” Troubled Blood, Chapter 38

The Athorns’ flat is likely one of the windows just above the corner shop.

We later visit Albemarle Way with Robin and Barclay in chapter 70.

“The morning was so mild it might have been summer, but the leaves of the plane trees beside the telephone box at the mouth of Albemarle Way were starting to turn yellow. A patch-work blue and white sky gave and withdrew warmth as the sun slid in and out behind clouds, and Robin felt shivery in spite of the sweater she was wearing beneath her raincoat, as though a cold wind was blowing up Albemarle Way, the short side street whose tall, unbroken buildings kept it forever in its shadow.” Troubled Blood, Chapter 70

Find Albemarle Way on the map below: