Nightingale Grove, Hither Green

“’The nurse, Janice, is still going by her first married name, which helped. The address Gupta gave me was an old one, but I traced her from there. She’s now in Nightingale Grove–‘

“’Very appropriate,’ said Robin.

“’–in Hither Green.’” Troubled Blood, Chapter 16

While Strike and Robin first meet Janice Beattie at Irene’s house on Circus Street, Strike wants to visit Janice unannounced at her home on Nightingale Grove.

“’Don’t think I’ll warn her I’m coming, this time. There’s something to be said for catching people unawares.’” Troubled Blood, Chapter 49

Strike walks from the Hither Green station to Nightingale Grove.

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“Strike approached Janice’s house from Hither Green Station, along a pavement bordered to the right with railings and hedge, separating the road from the rail tracks.” Troubled Blood, Chapter 50

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Nightingale Grove is described as a “nondescript street that lay hard against Southeastern railway line.” Troubled Blood, Chapter 50

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“The sky darkened as Strike approached Janice’s house, which was considerably smaller than Irene Hickson’s. It stood in a terrace. Net curtains hung at all the windows, and the front door was dark red.” Troubled Blood, Chapter 50

There are a couple houses on Nightingale Grove with dark red doors:

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Google Maps

Strike claimed to simply be in the area and when he is eventually invited in, Janice is watching an episode of Say Yes to the Dress.

“From behind her, two female American voices rang out from the out-of-sight TV: ‘So you love the bling?’ ‘I love the bling!’” Troubled Blood, Chapter 50

And then …

“A camp male voice was now saying, ‘The dress that Kelly is in love with is a one-of-a-kind runway sample…’” Troubled Blood, Chapter 50

Here’s a clip of the exact episode that Janice was watching. 

The inside of Janice’s house is described as “oppressive.”

“Predominantly red, the carpet was decorated in a scarlet, swirling pattern, on top of which lay a cheap crimson Turkish rug. Dried flower pictures hung on the red walls, between old photographs, some black and white, and the colored ones faded, displayed in wooden frames. A china cabinet was full of cheap spun-glass ornaments. The largest, a Cinderella carriage pulled by six glass horses, stood in pride of place on the mantelpiece over the electric fire.” Troubled Blood, Chapter 50

The Cinderella carriage could possibly look something like this:

After answering all of Strike’s questions, it’s clear that Janice didn’t believe that he had just casually dropped by. 

“‘Hmm,’ said Janice, her eyes narrowed. ‘ ‘Appened to be in the area’, my Aunt Fanny.'” Troubled Blood, Chapter 50

Find Nightingale Grove on the map below: