Star Café

Robin meets and interviews Brian Tucker in the Star Café.  Brian Tucker believes that his daughter, Louise, was a victim of Dennis Creed’s.

“Only when she was approaching the Star café, and saw the sign over the door, did she register the coincidence of the name.” Troubled Blood, Chapter 51
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“Trying not to think about asteroids, horoscopes or omens, Robin entered the café, where round tables stood on a red-brick floor. The walls were decorated with old-fashioned tin signs, one of which was advertising ROBIN CIGARETTES.” Troubled Blood, Chapter 51

According to this article, The Star Café closed in May of 2014 after the owner, Mario Forte, passed away.  This would have been shortly after Robin’s meeting with Tucker. It is now run by Mario’s daughter Julia as The London Gin Club.

The old Café website is now a lovely tribute to Mario. If you look behind the text, you can spot the ROBIN CIGARETTES sign.

You can check out The London Gin Club website here or find it on the map below.