The Old Library, Leamington Spa

After leaving All Saints Church in Leamington Spa, Robin heads to The Old Library pub. 

“A pub nearby was just opening its doors and Robin fancied a coffee, so she crossed the road and entered The Old Library.” Troubled Blood, Chapter 45

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“The interior was large but hardly less gloomy than the church, the décor mostly shades of brown. Robin bought herself a coffee, settled herself in a tucked-away corner where she couldn’t be observed, and sank into abstraction.” Troubled Blood, Chapter 45

It’s here in The Old Library where Robin momentarily thinks she sees Strike and a “thrill of excitement and happiness passed through her.” Troubled Blood, Chapter 45

“Robin knew she’d been avoiding the question of what she really felt about Strike for the past year.” Troubled Blood, Chapter 45

You can find The Old Library on the map below: