The Ritz

“’I’m taking you to the Ritz for champagne,’ said Strike.” Troubled Blood, Chapter 73

Strike takes Robin to the Ritz for champagne on her 30th birthday.
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The Rivoli Bar at the Ritz is described on their website as an “intimate cocktail lounge providing a dazzling oasis away from the bustling London Mayfair streets.” You can find out more on their website here. Also, take a look at page 6 of their menu for the list of champagnes here.

Strike and Robin walked to the Ritz from Liberty, where Strike bought Robin new perfume for her birthday.

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The Ink Black Heart opens up where Troubled Blood left us, with Strike and Robin having a “conspicuously good time” at the Rivoli Bar. The Ink Black Heart, Prologue

They sit at a table for two in leopard-print chairs and “Strike’s eyes found the bronze panel on the wall behind Robin’s head, which showed a naked Leda being impregnated by Zeus in the form of a swan.” The Ink Black Heart, Prologue

“Strike caught her, and kept his arm around her waist as he steered her out of one of the side entrances flanking the revolving door, because he didn’t trust her in it.

‘Sorry,’ said Robin as they walked carefully down the steep stone steps at the front of the Ritz, Strike’s arm still around her waist.” The Ink Black Heart, Prologue

We know what almost happens next!

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