The Running Grave Locations

Here are the real-life locations featured in The Running Grave, the seventh novel in the Strike & Ellacott series.

Aylmerton – The small village near Chapman Farm.
Bar Italia, Frith Street – Where Strike and Robin go for a coffee and chat (Chapter 102)
Bexleyheath – Where Frank One and Frank Two live.
Blackhorse Road – Where Robin’s flat is located.
Cinnamon Club – Where Strike meets with Eric Wardle (Chapter 8)
Chalfont St Giles – The town where Strike and Robin meet Niamh Doherty.
Chapman Farm – The fictitious farm of the UHC.
Chelsea Cloisters – A hotel Bigfoot is seen in.
Connaught Hotel, Jean-George’s restaurant – Where Strike watches a target and is approached by a woman (Chapter 59).
Coventry – Where ex-UHC member Sheila Kennet lives (Chapter 16).
Cromer, Norfolk – The coastal town near Chapman Farm where Jennifer Wace and Daiyu Wace are said to have drowned in the sea.
Denmark Street – Where Strike and Robin’s office is located.
The Duke of York’s Theatre – Where Robin and Ryan go to see The Father (Chapter 9).
Felbrigg Lodge – Strike and Robin stay here.
The Flying Horse – Strike’s favourite pub and where some meetings are held in the basement room.
The Forester – A pub in Ealing where Strike interviews Abigail Glover (Chapter 28).
Garvestone – A village in Norfolk where the Graves family live, in Garvestone Hall.
The Golden Lion – Where Strike and Robin go for a chat after meeting Colin Edensor.
Gosh! Comics – A comic-book store on Berwick Street which is likely to be the one Robin sees Frank One enter (Chapter 13).
The Grenadier – A pub in Belgravia where Strike interviews Henry Worthington-Fields (Chapter 17).
Hotel de Paris – The hotel in Cromer that Strike stays at (Chapter 63).
Il Portico – The Italian restaurant where Robin meets with Prudence (Chapter 106).
The Institute of Civil Engineers – Where Robin interviews Rufus Fernsby.
The King’s Head – A pub in Cromer where Strike goes for a pint of Doom Bar and a burger and chips (Chapter 63).
Lion’s Mouth, Aylmerton – The tree-lined lane off of which Chapman Farm is situated.
Merlin’s Cave – Where Strike and Robin go after interviewing Niamh Doherty (Chapter 22).
McDonalds on the Strand – Where Strike and Robin go at 3am after being in the police station (Chapter 120).
New Inn – A pub in Roughton, Norfolk, where Sir Colin and Lady Sally Edensor waited for Will (Prologue).
Norwich – Where UHC members go to collect money for the church.
Olympia – An events centre where Strike goes to watch a speech by Jonathan Wace.
Pellicci’s – A cafe where Strike meets with Shanker (Chapter 33).
Piccadilly Circus – Where Robin and Ryan argue in an unnamed bar (Chapter 16).
The Reform Club – Where Strike and Robin first meet Sir Colin Edensor (Chapter 4).
The Rose and Crown – Where Strike meets with Dev Shah (Chapter 48).
Rules – Strike meets Colin Edensor for lunch in here (Chapter 90).
Rupert Court, Chinatown – Where one of the UHC Temples is located.
The Ship – A pub where Strike confronts Bijou.
St John the Baptist, Aylmerton – The church that can be seen from Chapman Farm.
Strawberry Hill – Where Prudence lives.
St Stephen’s Tavern – Where Strike meets with Ryan Murphy (Chapter 51).
Thomas Cubitt – Where Strike meets Amelia Crichton (Chapter 135).
Thornbury – The town in Gloucestershire where Cherie Gittins lives.
Wardour Street – The street in Chinatown where UHC members collect money for the church.
The Westminster Arms – Where Strike interviews journalist Fergus Robertson (Chapter 14).
Victoria Station – Robin gets the minibus to Chapman Farm from here (Chapter 23).
Miscellaneous Locations – Minor/mentioned locations.