The Forester

The Forester is the local pub of Abigail Glover, ex-member of the Universal Humanitarian Church and daughter of Jonathan Wace.

Strike speaks to Abigail on the phone and she agrees to meet him, suggesting the Forester, Seaford Road, Ealing, at 7pm on Sunday evening (chapter 25).

‘The Forester on Seaford Road was a large pub with an exterior featuring wooden columns, window baskets and green tiled walls …’ 

‘… its sign showing a stump with an axe sticking out of it’ (chapter 28).

Strike ordered himself the usual zero-alcohol beer and took a corner table for two beside the wood-panelled wall’ (chapter 28).

Abigail arrives and goes to the bar to buy herself a glass of wine. After she returns, they are approached by a man called Baz who assumes that Abigail and Strike are on a Tinder date, something which Strike does not deny, introducing himself to Baz as ‘Terry’.

Strike and Robin discuss Abigail’s time at Chapman Farm. Her father took her to the community after the death of her mother, who drowned off Cromer beach. Abigail provides lots of background about the UHC, including what she saw on the day that Daiyu drowned and the punishments meted out by Mazu in the aftermath. 

After her fourth glass of wine, Abigail and Strike leave the pub so Abigail can smoke outside (chapter 28).

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