McDonald’s on the Strand

Strike and Robin attend a meeting at Prudence’s house, which goes on for some while. Strike is hungry but refuses Prudence’s offer of food, as he’d ‘mentally committed to a burger and chips’ (chapter 118).

However, due to a somewhat hair-raising incident after leaving Prudence’s, Strike ends up being hungry for much longer. It is approaching 3 o’clock in the morning when their Uber deposits Strike and Robin outside a twenty-four-hour McDonald’s on the Strand (chapter 120).

‘‘I’m having everything,’ said Strike, as they headed to the counter. ‘You?’

‘Um – Big Mac and—’’ (chapter 120).

Strike’s phone then rings — it’s Midge, with an update.  

Strike leaves the restaurant and speaks to Midge outside on the pavement. Robin exits the McDonald’s carrying two large bags of food and proposes that they eat in the office. Strike eats a burger on the way back to Denmark Street.  We are told Strike eats a total of three burgers, two bags of fries and an apple pie.

McDonald’s on the Strand is located here: