The Cinnamon Club

The Cinnamon Club is an upmarket Indian restaurant in Westminster.

Strike arranges to meet Eric Wardle there in the initial stages of the investigation. In return for Strike tipping off Wardle about a money counterfeiting operation, Wardle has agreed to try and provide a copy of the police report on the shooting of Kevin Pirbright (chapter 8).

Strike takes a taxi to The Cinnamon Club, which he has chosen over a standard curry house in order to soften up Wardle into granting him another favour.

‘The restaurant had once been the Westminster Library, so its many white-tableclothed tables stood in a large, airy room with book-lined walls’ (chapter 8).

Strike orders himself a pint and reads the news on his phone whilst he waits for Wardle. When Wardle arrives, he too orders himself a pint and they look at the menu. 

Once their starters arrive, Strike asks Wardle for a favour — he needs as yet unreleased census information on Chapman Farm. Wardle replies, ‘Knew you hadn’t booked this place on a whim’ (chapter 8).

Whilst they are waiting for their main courses, Strike looks through the police file on the Pirbright shooting and they discuss the crime. Wardle also imparts some interesting information about Ryan Murphy.

Their main courses arrive: Wardle has lamb pasanda, and Strike has beef madras. Neither of these dishes is currently on the menu at the Cinnamon Club.

Kale, quinoa and sweet potato kofta, tomato lemon sauce, saffron rice

Wardle visits the gents whilst Strike continues to eat and read the results of Pirbright’s post-mortem.

Here is the location of the Cinnamon Club: