Chelsea Cloisters

The agency is conducting surveillance on ‘Bigfoot’, the wealthy owner of a software company. They have been hired by his wife who suspects he is visiting sex workers (chapter 8).

Dev Shah has followed Bigfoot to a large hotel on Sloane Avenue called the Chelsea Cloisters. As Strike approaches to take over surveillance, Dev walks away so as not to make the handover look suspicious to anyone who might be looking out of a window of the hotel. Dev then calls Strike to tell him that Bigfoot has been inside for an hour and a half.

Strike continues to watch the building. ‘Across the street, a couple of teenaged girls emerged from the Chelsea Cloisters, wearing what looked like pyjamas with their trainers. Talking together, they passed out of sight, returning half an hour later with chocolate bars and bottles of water, and disappeared back inside the large brick and stone building’ (chapter 25).

It is early evening before Bigfoot emerges from the hotel. Strike films him leaving and follows him along the street toward Sloane Square.

The agency observes Bigfoot at the Chelsea Cloisters on other occasions, so they decide to send Shah into the hotel, dressed as a maintenance worker.

You can find the Chelsea Cloisters on the map below: