The Thomas Cubitt

At her request, Strike meets Amelia Crichton, Charlotte’s older sister, for lunch.  Amelia has booked a table at the Thomas Cubitt in Belgravia.

Strike meets Amelia, who is an interior designer, at her ‘eponymous shop’ on Elizabeth Street, ‘which was full of expensive curtain fabrics, tasteful ceramics and chinoiserie table lamps’ (chapter 135).

‘So they walked the short distance to the restaurant, which lay just a few doors down from the shop’ (chapter 135).

They are seated at a white-clothed table. Strike orders a beer, and Amelia orders a glass of wine.

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Amelia and Strike discuss Charlotte and soon have said all they needed to say. Strike thinks that he doubts Amelia wants food any more than he does, but they both order a salad.

They make small talk as they eat, and finish lunch barely three quarters of an hour after sitting down. They say goodbye on the pavement outside.

You can find the Thomas Cubitt on the map below: