Gosh! Comics

Early in The Running Grave, Robin and Barclay are in Barclay’s car, watching the Bexleyheath flat of the Franks, one of which is suspected of stalking their client, Tasha Mayo. Frank One leaves the flat and Robin follows him on foot to Bexleyheath station, and then onto a train into Central London. He disembarks from the Tube at Piccadilly Circus, then walks into Soho and enters a comic-book shop.

‘As everyone she could see through the windows was male, Robin decided she’d made herself conspicuous by following him, so she retreated a few yards and took out her phone…’ (chapter 13).

Robin speaks to Sheila Kennett to arrange a time and date for an interview, then crosses the road, to get a better view of the front door of the comic-book shop.

She realises that she’s close to the Rupert Court Temple when she sees four church members with collecting tins heading into Berwick Street, one of whom is Will Edensor.

Frank One leaves the comic-book shop, and Robin ‘has no choice but to follow’ (chapter 13).

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