The Cuckoo’s Calling Characters

Meet the cast of characters in The Cuckoo’s Calling, the first book in the Cormoran Strike and Robin Ellacott series.

Alec Bristow – Lula Landry’s adoptive father.

Alison Cresswell – John Bristow’s girlfriend and secretary.

Aunt Joan – Strike’s aunt, who lives in St Mawes, Cornwall.

Bryony Radford – Lula Landry’s make-up artist.

Charlie Bristow – John Bristow’s brother and Strike’s school friend who died in a quarry.

Charlotte Campbell – Strike’s ex-girlfriend.

Ciara Porter – Lula Landry’s friend and work colleague.

Cormoran Strike – The main protagonist. The detective that investigates Lula Landry’s case.

Cyprian May – The husband of Ursula May and a senior partner in the law firm Landry, May, Patterson.

Deeby Macc – A famous rapper who had included Lula in some of his recent songs.

Derrick Wilson – The security guard on duty at Kentigern Gardens the night Lula died.

Eric Wardle – A Detective Sergeant that investigated Lula Landry’s death.

Evan Duffield – Lula Landry’s boyfriend.

Freddie Bestigui – A film producer living in one of the flats in Kentigern Gardens.

Graham Hardacre –  Strike’s friend and ex-work colleague.

Guy Some – Lula Landry’s fashion designer and friend.

Ilsa Herbert – Strike’s old friend from Cornwall.

Jago Ross – Strike’s ex-girlfriend’s new fiancĂ©.

John Bristow – Strike’s main client, half brother of Lula Landry.

Jonah Agyeman – Lula Landry’s half brother.

Jonny Rokeby – Strike’s famous biological father, who he’s only met twice.

Kieran Kolovas-Jones – Lula Landry’s main driver.

Leda Strike – Strike’s late mother.

Lucy – Cormoran Strike’s half sister.

Lula Landry – The supermodel who fell to her death and is at the heart of the mystery.

Marlene Higson – Lula Landry’s biological mother.

Matthew Cunliffe – Robin Ellacott’s fiancĂ©.

Peter Gillespie – Jonny Rokeby’s lawyer who keeps calling Strike for his loan repayments.

Robin Ellacott – A secretary working for Cormoran Strike as a temp.

Rochelle Onifade – A friend Lula met in a rehab clinic.

Roy Carver – A Detective Inspector who investigated Lula Landry’s death.

Spanner – The younger brother of one of Strike’s friends, who specializes in IT and searches Lula’s laptop.

Tansy Bestigui – Freddie Bestigui’s wife, who claims to have heard shouting just before Lula’s fall.

Tony Landry – John Bristow’s uncle, and Yvette Bristow’s brother.

Tracey – Strike’s ex-girlfriend from the SIB.

Uncle Ted – Strike’s uncle, who lives in St Mawes, Cornwall.

Ursula May – Tansy Bestigui’s sister and Cyprian May’s wife.

Yvette Bristow – The adoptive mother of Lula Landry and John Bristow.

Miscellaneous Characters – Characters in The Cuckoo’s Calling that either only appear briefly or are only mentioned.

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