Ciara Porter

Ciara Porter is a super model who is a close friend and colleague of Lula Landry. She is described as “alabaster fair, with long baby-blonde hair,” “attenuated and angular, with milk-white skin, hair almost as fair, and pale blue eyes set very wide apart” with “endless legs,” “chrysoberyl eyes and full lips.” She is also described as a “good-time girl” who “likes them big” (as Strike discovers firsthand). However, Ciara is no vacuous beauty — she has a deferred place to study English at Cambridge University but has chosen to pursue her modeling career first.

Ciara Porter (Amber Anderson) in Strike – The Cuckoo’s Calling (Credit: BBC)

Ciara’s approach toward Strike seems “frank” and one of “open wonder.” She proves very helpful to Strike in more way than one: giving him further insight into Lula as a person, clearing the way for Strike┬áto interview Evan Duffield and then providing Strike a sorely needed ego boost later in the evening….

In Lethal White, is it mentioned that Ciara Porter had contacted Strike a few weeks after his triumph in catching the Shacklewell Ripper. After his newsworthy achievement, in her mind, Strike had been “elevated from casual shag to possible boyfriend material” (Chapter 24).