Evan Duffield

Evan Duffield is a famous musician and actor, as well as Lula Landry‘s boyfriend. He is viewed by his adoring fans as somewhat of a lost soul, with a sensitive, artistic nature. Duffield is described as being “extraordinarily photogenic,” with black shoulder-length hair (dyed blonde at one point in the book) and a “face all sharp planes and hollows” with a pallid complexion and “icy blue eyes” that are usually highlighted with eyeliner. As for his body type, he is “thin yet well muscled.”

Evan Duffield (Bronson Webb) in Strike – The Cuckoo’s Calling (Credit: BBC)

Shortly before Lula’s death, she and Duffield got back together after a breakup. Also at that time, Duffield was jealous because Deeby Macc, the American rapper, had written love songs about Lula and was coming to stay in the same apartment building as she, which caused arguments between the couple. However, it hadn’t been the first time they had broken up; it had happened previously due to Duffield’s drug-addiction issues. Lula’s family and friends, including John Bristow, Tony Landry and Guy Some, didn’t like Duffield because of his temper and drug problems, which included heroin.

Evan Duffield
Evam Duffield (Bronson Webb) in Strike – The Cuckoo’s Calling (Credit: BBC)

Duffield attended nightclubs with Lula and friends, including Uzi, the club Lula had left to return to her flat after a “big bust-up” with Duffield on the night of her death. He was seen leaving Uzi shortly after, wearing a wolf mask to “piss off the paparazzi” as, in the words of Eric Wardle, “a childish little prick.” The police interviewed Duffield the day after Lula’s death and determined that he was not involved in it.

Bronson Webb
Bronson Webb as Evan Duffield and Elarica Johnson as Lula Landry (Credit: Bronson Webb)