Tony Landry

Tony Landry is Yvette Bristow‘s brother and therefore the uncle of John Bristow and Lula Landry. He is a senior partner in the law firm for which John Bristow works. During Yvette’s illness, Tony is there to look after his sister alongside John, but he never has a strong bond with his nephew.

After the death of Charlie Bristow in Wales, Tony was trying to prevent Yvette and Alec from adopting yet another child. Tony and Alec hadn’t got on since then. The day before her death, Lula had called Tony multiple times for a reason unclear until the end of the book.

We first see Tony Landry at the Serpentine Bar and Kitchen where Strike has scheduled a lunch appointment with John. Tony had set John a task at work in order to delay him so that Tony could arrive first at the restaurant to talk to Strike in private. (See Part 3, Chapter 5 of The Cuckoo’s Calling).

Credit: BBC/Bronte Film and TV

Landry’s physical description: “In his late fifties, with a full head of hair, a firm jaw and pronounced cheekbones, he looked like an almost-famous actor hired to play a rich businessman in a miniseries.” He’s “tall, well-made, expensively suited with foxy colouring.”

In the TV adaptation, Tony is portrayed my Martin Shaw.