Guy Somé

Guy (pronounced “ghee”) Somé is a fashion designer who worked closely with Lula Landry. Their relationship was intimate, as though they were siblings.

Credit: BBC

Physically, Somé is described as being “nearly a foot shorter than Strike and had perhaps a hundredth of his body fat” with “a well-defined six-pack.”

“His face contrasted strangely with his taut, lean body, for it abounded in exaggerated curves: the eyes exophthalmic so that they appeared fishlike, looking out of the sides of his head. The cheeks were round, shining apples and the full-lipped mouth was a wide oval: his small head was almost perfectly spherical. Somé looked as though he had been carved out of soft ebony by a master hand that had grown bored with its own expertise, and started to veer towards the grotesque.”

Bryony Radford and Guy Some in Strike – The Cuckoo’s Calling (Credit: BBC)

Guy’s real surname is Owusu. His father was a bus driver and, according to Ciara Porter, “used to beat Guy up for sketching dresses all the time. That’s why Guy changed his name.”