Career of Evil Characters

 career_of_evil Detective Cormoran Strike investigates a gruesome murder. You might think you know detectives, but you’ve never met one quite like Strike.

Alyssa Vincent – One suspect’s girlfriend.

Aunt Joan – Strike’s aunt from Cornwall.

Brittany Brockbank – Noel Brockbank’s stepdaughter.

Cormoran Strike The main protagonist. The private detective working on the murder case.

Devotee – One of the Met’s suspects.

Donald Laing – One of Strike’s three suspects.

Elin Toft – Strike’s girlfriend.

Eric Wardle – A detective inspector in the Met who is investigating the murder.

Graham Hardacre – Strike’s friend and ex-colleague from the SIB.

Hazel Furley – The older sister of murder victim Kelsey Platt.

Holly Brockbank – Noel Brockbank’s twin sister, who lives in Barrow-in-Furness.

Ilsa Herbert – Strike’s old friend from Cornwall.

Jason – A BIID sufferer who met Kelsey Platt before her death.

Jeff Whittaker – Strike’s former stepfather and one of his suspects.

Jonny Rokeby – Strike’s biological father, a famous rockstar.

Kelsey Platt – A murder victim.

Leda Strike – Strike’s late mother.

Linda Ellacott – Robin Ellacott’s mother.

Lorraine MacNaughton – A woman who used to live with Donald Laing in Corby.

Lucy Fantoni – Strike’s half-sister.

Mad Dad – The surveillance subject for one of Strike and Robin’s clients.

Margaret Bunyan – The mother of Donald Laing’s ex-wife.

Martin Ellacott – One of Robin’s three brothers.

Matthew Cunliffe – Robin’s fiancé.

Michael Ellacott –  Robin’s father.

Nick Herbert – Strike’s old friend who he stays with to avoid the press on Denmark Street.

Noel Brockbank – One of Strike’s suspects.

Platinum – A woman Strike and Robin tail for a client.

Ray Williams – Hazel Furley’s boyfriend.

Robin Ellacott – Strike’s partner-in-training.

Roy Carver – A detective inspector with the Met.

Sarah Shadlock – Matthew Cunliffe’s friend from university.

Shanker – Strike’s old friend and criminal underworld connection who helps him track down one of the suspects.

Stephanie – Jeff Whittaker’s young girlfriend.

Tempest – A BIID sufferer who met Kelsey Platt before her death.

Terence “Digger” Malley – One of the Met’s suspects.

Two-Times – One of Strike and Robin’s clients.

Uncle Ted – Strike’s uncle from Cornwall.

Vanessa Ekwensi – A detective sergeant with the Met working on the murder investigation.


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