Martin Ellacott

Martin Ellacott is Robin’s second-to-youngest brother. He is “the only one of the four Ellacott siblings who had not attended university, and the only one who still lived with their parents” (as of the timeframe of Career of Evil). “He was always touchy at the slightest hint that he underachieved.” One thing at which he doesn’t underachieve, however, is gambling — he wins 500 quid on the Grand National horse race during Career of Evil.

Martin seems to have a raucous sense of humour, taking the piss out of Robin about her working relationship with Strike, who Martin calls “Hopalong.” We suspect that Martin is the man in the congregation that laughs out loud when Strike knocks over the flowers during Robin’s wedding ceremony.

Although Martin likes to tease his sister about her job, he takes a keen interest in the Shacklewell Ripper case that she and Strike are working on in Career of Evil.