The Ink Black Heart Characters

Here is a list of all the characters in The Ink Black Heart, the sixth novel in the Strike series. Click on each character for more info. Beware that some character summaries may contain minor-to-moderate spoilers, but we try our best to avoid major spoilers.

Allan Yeoman – Edie Ledwell’s agent.

Andy Hutchins – Strike and Robin’s longest-standing subcontractor who hands in his notice at the beginning of the book.

Angela Darwish – An MI5 officer investigating The Halvening group and the Edie Ledwell case.

Bram de Jong – Nil’s trouble-maker son.

Charlie Peach – A player of the Game.

Charlotte Campbell – Strike’s ex-girlfriend of 16 years.

Cormoran Strike – You know who he is.

Dave Polworth – Strike’s oldest friend.

Dev Shah – The newest subcontractor at the agency.

Edie Ledwell – Co-creator of The Ink Black Heart cartoon and murder victim.

Flavia Upcott – Daughter of Katya and Inigo. Younger sister of Gus.

Grant Ledwell – Edie’s uncle.

Gus Upcott – Son of Katya and Inigo.

Heather Ledwell – Edie’s aunt by marriage.

Henry – Madeline’s son.

Hugh “Axeman” Jacks – A man Robin’s cousin tries to set her up with.

Ilsa Herbert – Strike and Robin’s friend.

Inigo Upcott – Husband to Katya, Josh’s rep.

Jack – Strike’s favourite nephew.

Jago Ross – Charlotte’s husband.

Jamie Kettle – A member of the Brotherhood of Ultima Thule.

Joan Nancarrow – Strike’s aunt.

Jonny Rokeby – Strike’s biological father, a famous rockstar.

Joshua Blay – Co-creator of The Ink Black Heart cartoon and Edie Ledwell’s ex-boyfriend.

Katie – Robin’s favourite cousin.

Katya Upcott – Representative of Josh Blay.

Kea Niven – Ex-girlfriend of Josh Blay.

Leda Strike – Strike’s late mother.

Lucy – Strike’s half-sister.

Madeline Courson-Miles – Strike’s new girlfriend.

Mariam Torosyan – Runs the North Grove Art Collective and teaches classes.

Matthew Cunliffe – Robin’s ex-husband.

Max Priestwood – Robin’s live-in landlord in Earl’s Court.

Michael Ellacott – Robin’s father.

Michelle “Midge” Greenstreet – Subcontractor at the agency.

Mitch Patterson – A rival of Strike and Robin’s detective agency.

MJ – A YouTuber and former voice of Lord Drek in the cartoon.

Nick Herbert – Strike and Robin’s friend.

Nicole Crystal – An art student from Glasgow.

Nils de Jong – Owns the North Grove Art Collective, partner of Mariam.

Oliver Peach – A player in the Game.

Pat Chauncey – Strike and Robin’s office manager.

Penny Polworth – Dave Polworth’s wife.

Phillip Ormond – Edie Ledwell’s boyfriend.

Preston “Pez” Pierce – Artist and resident at North Grove Art Collective.

Prudence DonLeavey – Strike’s half-sister.

Rachel Ledwell – Edie Ledwell’s cousin.

Richard Elgar – Head of Maverick Films in the UK and one of Strike and Robin’s clients.

Robin Ellacott – You know who she is.

Ryan Murphy – A DCI with the Met police.

Sam Barclay – Subcontractor at the agency.

Sarah Shadlock – Matthew’s wife.

Sara Niven – Kea Niven’s mother.

Seb Montgomery – An old friend of Josh Blay who helped animate the first two episodes of the cartoon.

Shanker – Strike’s old friend and useful contact.

Spanner – Strike and Robin’s contact for IT help.

Stewart Nutley – A subcontractor at the agency.

Ted Nancarrow – Strike’s uncle.

Tim Ashcroft – Friend of Josh’s and once the voice of The Worm in the cartoon.

Valentine Longcaster – Charlotte Campbell’s step-brother.

Vanessa Ekwensi – Robin’s friend and Met detective.

Vikas Bhardwaj – A researcher at Cambridge University.

Wally Cardew – YouTuber who was once the voice of Drek in the cartoon.

Yasmin Weatherhead – Once Edie and Josh’s assistant.

Zoe Haigh – Works part-time at the North Grove Art Collective.

Miscellaneous Characters – More characters from The Ink Black Heart.

Below you can find the link to a page showing all online usernames and which characters they are.

Beware – there’s major spoilers on this page!

Character Usernames and Twitter Handles