Prudence DonLeavy

Although he’s never met her, Strike hears from his half-sister Prudence Donleavy for the first time in Troubled Blood when she and Al want him to attend a party for their father, Jonny Rokeby.1 Prudence appears to be slightly more understanding than Al is about Strike’s reservations and explains via text that she is also a result of their father’s “briefer liaisons” and that she too has had to deal with her own “share of hurt and anger over the years.” 2

Strike has no objection to meeting her but wants to wait until his life is less complicated.3

In The Ink Black Heart, during their evening at the Ritz, Strike tells Robin that Prudence is a Jungian therapist and that her mother is Lindsay Fanthrope, a mixed-race actress who has appeared in “everything,” including Eastenders and The Bill (Ch 1). 

Strike and Prudence arrange to meet, but Prudence’s daughter Sylvie has a climbing accident and the meeting is postponed. However, as the book ends, we hear that Prudence is visiting Strike that very evening (Ch 107).

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