Mariam Torosyan

Mariam Torosyan lives at the North Grove Art Collective with her partner, Nils de Jong, the owner of North Grove. She is described as a ‘short, stocky woman with a vast quantity of long, grey hair piled on top of her head’ with ‘a tattoo of a purple five-petalled flower on her upper arm’ (ch 39). When Robin first sees her, she is working in the small gift shop at North Grove.

Mariam has taught art for thirty years and is the teacher for Robin/Jessica’s life drawing evening class. She was also the creator of the large stained-glass window in the kitchen (ch 39).  

Preston Pierce informs Robin that Mariam’s great-grandparents died in the Armenian genocide (ch 39). It was Mariam who offered Zoe her job at North Grove after learning she was unemployed (ch 40).