Dev Shah

Dev Shah is an ex-Met police officer hired by the agency as a subcontractor at the beginning of The Ink Black Heart. His hiring is a relief for everyone at the agency, since they are short-staffed after long-term subcontractor Andy Hutchins resigns. Strike poaches Dev from rival agency Patterson Inc.

Shah is married with a young child and another on the way. He is described as shorter than both Strike and Barclay, with “eyelashes so thick Robin thought they looked fake.” Strike likes him because he is quick on the uptake and methodical; Robin likes his dry sense of humour and his “lack of dickishness”; Barclay and Midge like that he is a team player; and Pat likes him because he looks like Imran Khan!1

Dev seems to be good at the job and works well with the rest of the team. His undercover work is instrumental in solving the Fingers case.

1 The Ink Black Heart, Chapter 2