Yasmin Weatherhead

Yasmin was an assistant to Edie Ledwell and Josh Blay between August 2011 to November 2012. One of her main jobs was to deal with fan mail. She was hired by Katya Upcott, who represented Josh and Edie at the time. Yasmin is a big fan of The Ink Black Heart cartoon, so she was thrilled about getting the job. However, on finding out that Yasmin was a user on Drek’s Game, and suspecting she could be passing information to Anomie, Edie sacked her. Katya describes Yasmin as “sweet and sincere”; Robin, however, thinks she has an air of self-importance.

Yasmin lives with her parents in Croydon and works for a cosmetics firm called Lola June Cosmetics (also in Croydon), manning their social media accounts. Her job leans more towards PR than IT.

She is described as a young woman with thick dark-blonde hair, which is her best feature (“Veronica Lake style”). She has a pale, flat, round face, a wide smile with small teeth like a cat’s, and carries excess weight. She is as tall as Robin but much broader. When Strike looks at her Twitter account, her profile picture is a very flattering line drawing of herself.

Yasmin goes by the username Hartella in Drek’s Game and is one of the game’s moderators. Moderator LordDrek sends her a dossier that “proves” Edie is Anomie. Yasmin agrees to hand over the dossier to Josh, which she does so whilst he’s staying at North Grove. The dossier causes several arguments between Edie and Josh over the phone, which eventually leads them to meeting up in Highgate Cemetery for Josh to show it to her, which ends in Edie and Josh being attacked. Yasmin is questioned by the police after the attack.

Yasmin appears to be protective and overly fond of user LordDrek. We later find out that she believes him to be actor Michael David, who replaced Wally Cardew as the voice of Drek.

During surveillance on Yasmin’s parents’ house in Croydon, Robin sits in the Saucy Sausage opposite.

What makes Strike and Robin even more keen to interviewing Yasmin is that she is writing a book (Inkhearts: A Journey Through the Fandom of the Ink Black Heart), which they suspect is the project on which Anomie is collaborating with her.

Robin manages to secure an interview with Yasmin under her Venetia Hall pseudonym, pretending she is a journalist interested in The Ink Black Heart, with a fake website Spanner created to back it up. She receives a reply from Yasmin a mere 24 hours after Robin’s first email, and they agree to meet at ExCeL during the 2015 Comic Con. Robin interviews her at a Costa Coffee that is set up in the middle of ExCeL’s crowded main hall. Yasmin speaks with a rising inflection, or upspeak; Robin wonders whether it’s habitual or a product of nerves.

During the interview, Yasmin talks about her book and tells Robin that Phillip Ormond is also helping with it. She tells Robin that she was bullied at school and that she’s always compared herself to her little sister, who is the pretty one. Because of this, Yasmin relates to the character of Paperwhite, who has a living sister who likes to go to parties.

Later, Strike goes to her house in Croydon to take her by surprise. He tells her to talk to the police and come clean about her involvement with Drek’s Game and, unknowingly, The Halvening. Ryan Murphy later shows Strike appreciation for getting Yasmin to talk to the Met.