Grant Ledwell

Grant Ledwell is Edie Ledwell’s uncle.  Strike and Robin first meet him at the Arts Club, along with his wife, Heather, and Allan Yeoman and Richard Elgar. He is described as ‘a man with heavy eyebrows and an underbite’ and ‘thick hair’ that was ‘bristle cut’ (ch 18). As her only relative, Grant inherited the rights to The Ink Black Heart upon Edie’s death.

Grant works in the oil industry and has lived abroad in the Middle East for much of his career, which he gives as one of the reasons why he didn’t take in Edie when her mother (his sister) died.  

Grant’s first wife, from whom he is divorced, lives in Leeds with their daughter, Rachel. He and Heather have two daughters and are expecting a son.  

Grant asks Strike to meet him and provide an update on the case. They meet for dinner at The Gun in Docklands (ch 64). Later, Strike and Robin interview Grant at his house in Battledean Road, Highbury (ch 104).