Tansy Bestigui

Tansy Bestigui is the neighbour who claims to have heard an argument between Lula Landry and a man shortly before her fatal fall. Tansy was living in a flat below Lula’s with her film-producer husband, Freddie Bestigui. Throughout The Cuckoo’s Calling, Tansy is going through a divorce from Freddie, using the lawyers from John Bristow‘s law firm, Landry, May, Patterson.

Tansy and Freddie
Tansy Bestigui (Tara Fitzgerald) and Freddie Bestigui (Kevin Fuller) (Credit: BBC/Bronte Film and TV)

Tansy is described as “skeletal” in her “rich-girl thinness,” with “long, glossy brown hair.” She is “as pristine and polished as a life-size doll recently removed from its cellophane box.”

After Lula’s fall, Tansy ran downstairs, shaking and screaming, to the apartment building’s security guard, Derrick Wilson. The police later ignored her claims of hearing shouts from Lula’s flat after they find cocaine in her apartment bathroom and conduct testing to determine whether they could hear noise from Lula’s flat inside the Bestiguis’ flat. Therefore, Tansy is made out to be an attention-seeking cokehead in the press and is reluctant to speak to Strike about what she says she witnessed.

John Bristow manages to persuade Tansy to meet Cormoran Strike for an interview, and they meet at the upscale restaurant Cipriani, accompanied by Tansy’s sister, Ursula May. As they are beginning to leave their table after lunch, they are approached by the suspicious Cyprian May, Ursula May’s husband.

In the TV series, Tansy is portrayed by Tara Fitzgerald.

Credit: BBC/Bronte Film and TV