Lethal White Characters

Explore the cast of characters involved in Lethal White, the fourth Cormoran Strike novel.


Aamir Mallik – The assistant to Della Winn, officed in the House of Commons.

Andy Hutchins – One of Strike and Robin’s subcontractors.

Billy Knight – Strike’s unofficial client. A young man who claims to have seen a child murdered many year previously.

The Butcher Brothers – Older brothers of Tegan Butcher and old family friends of the Chiswells.

Charlotte Ross – Strike’s ex-girlfriend.

Cormoran Strike – You know who he is.

Dawn Clancey – Jimmy Knight’s ex-wife.

Della Winn – Wife to Geraint Winn, who is under Strike and Robin’s surveillance.

Denise – Strike’s new temp.

Eric Wardle – A detective inspector at the Met and Strike’s friend.

Fizzy – One of Jasper Chiswell’s daughters.

Flick Purdue – Left-wing activist and Jimmy Knight’s girlfriend.

Francesca – Goddaughter of Henry Drummond.

Freddie Chiswell – One of Jasper Chiswell’s children.

Geoffrey Cunliffe – Matthew’s father.

Geraint Winn – One of the blackmailers under Strike and Robin’s surveillance.

Henry Drummond – Art gallery owner and old friend of Jasper Chiswell.

Ilsa Herbert – Strike and Robin’s friend.

Izzy Chiswell – Daughter of Jasper Chiswell, Strike and Robin’s client.

Jack – Strike’s favourite nephew.

Jack O’Kent – Billy and Jimmy Knight’s father.

Jago Ross (mentioned) – Husband of Strike’s ex-fiance Charlotte.

Jasper Chiswell – Strike and Robin’s client.

Jenny Ellacott – Wife of Robin’s brother Stephen.

Jimmy Knight – A left-wing activist who is blackmailing Strike and Robin’s client, Jasper Chiswell.

Kinvara Hanratty – Jasper Chiswell’s wife.

Linda Ellacott – Robin’s mother.

Lorelei Bevan – Strike’s girlfriend.

Lucy Fantoni – Strike’s younger sister.

Martin Ellacott – Robin’s brother.

Matthew Cunliffe – Robin’s husband.

Michael Ellacott – Robin’s father.

Mitch Patterson – An unpleasant Private Investigator on Robin and Strike’s tail.

Oliver Bargate – A forensics expert and Vanessa Ekwensi’s boyfriend.

Ornella Serafin – A political journalist in association with Jasper Chiswell.

Patricia Fleetwood – First wife of Jasper Chiswell.

Raphael Chiswell – Son of Jasper Chiswell.

Rhiannon Winn – Daughter of Geraint and Della Winn.

Robin Ellacott – You know who she is.

Sam Barclay – Strike and Robin’s new subcontractor.

Sarah Shadlock – Matthew’s friend.

Sir Christopher Barrowclough-Burns – Former mentor of Aamir Mallik.

Shanker (mentioned) – Strike’s loyal friend.

Stephen Ellacott – Robin’s eldest brother.

Tegan Butcher – A witness in Strike and Robin’s case.

Tom Turvey – One of Matthew’s friends, boyfriend of Sarah Shadlock.

Torquil D’Amery – Married to Jasper Chiswell’s daughter Fizzy.

Vanessa Ekwensi – A detective in the Met police and Robin’s friend.

Verity Pulham – Old friend of Freddie Chiswell.


Miscellaneous Character – More characters mentioned throughout the book.


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